What even is a LAN Gaming Party?

We’ve been hounded with questions about what it’s all about. Fear not inquisitive gamers, because we’ve compiled an in-exhaustive FAQ to address the dozens of questions we receive daily on the subject:

What goes on?

A weekend filled with indulgent amounts of gaming, eating, drinking and music, intermingled with sleep. Guests bring along their gaming rig, plug into our superfast network and play.



Which games will get played?

Everyone who buys a ticket gets to vote on which games get dedicated play time, so it really is up to you! We also set aside time for “projector games”. Keep an ear out for announcements on Facebook and Twitter closer to the event.

What’s this about a projector?

In between the videos and music submitted by everyone at the event that get played on the projector and soundsystem, everyone’s invited to play split screen / co-op multiplayer games on the projector. The record last time was simultaneous 10-player Gang Beasts – completely ridiculous!


Food? Drink? Alcohol?

Not only can you pop to the longest bar in Lewes next door, but now (due to popular demand) you may bring your own drinks to the LAN. We’ll also be selling snacks and energy drinks throughout the event, and running a pizza order with Dominos on the Saturday night.


Relevant to your interests? 

Book now for a weekend of immersive gaming and geekery. Terrific.


What was good: Everything. What was bad: It ended and we had to go back to real life.
Chuck Noland

8/8 gr8 LAN m8

Great LAN. I wouldn’t have travelled 300 miles if I didn’t think it would be.

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