By purchasing one or more tickets for a Zero Ping Heroes event, you and whoever you have bought tickets for agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Ticket cancellations are non-refundable. An exception to this is in the case that the event sells out, in which case we can resell your ticket to someone else. Please do let us know if you can’t attend; we prefer to have a full house, and ZPH LANs are non-profit, so our costs are fixed regardless of how many people are there. Click here for a breakdown of what our costs are and where your ticket money goes.
  2. Tickets are transferable. Please provide us with the username and e-mail address of the new ticket holder(s).
  3. Attendees must be over 18. This is due to alcohol licensing laws in the venue.
  4. Any valuables you bring to the event are solely your responsibility. We cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or theft of your personal property.
  5. No illegal/inappropriate behaviour. Anybody found partaking in illegal activity will immediately be removed from the event, reported to the relevant authorities and given a lifelong ban on future ZPH events. If we (the organisers) consider your behaviour to be inappropriate, or in violation of our safe space policy, you will be politely warned. If you continue to behave inappropriately after a warning, you will removed from the event without refund. Our decision is final.
  6. No monitors larger than 32″ diagonal. Our desks are approximately 177cm wide, so you’ve got 88cm desk width at your disposal for screen and computer. The only exception is if you have agreed with your desk partner before arrival. Attendees with oversized monitors will be given our 19″ booby screen to use for the event.
  7. Seats are unallocated. You will be seated when you arrive to maximise space, but you can reserve seats for friends when you get here.
  8. In the winter months it will be cold. Please bring appropriate clothing and sleeping apparatus. We will not be able to supply these for you.
  9. These terms are subject to change without notice.

Last reviewed: 30/05/2016