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Zero Ping Heroes is a Sussex-based gaming community. We’ve been throwing LAN parties since 2007, and opened our doors (and servers) to the public in 2013. We’re the largest and longest-running public LAN community in Sussex – and we’d love for you to join us.

Wikipedia describes a LAN party as:

a temporary, sometimes spontaneous, gathering of people with computers or game consoles, between which they establish a local area network (LAN), primarily for the purpose of playing multiplayer video games.

We believe that an exceptional LAN is much more than just a room full of gamers and their machines. Our LANs are a celebration of multiplayer games and shared game experiences; we curate the games, the tournaments, the music and even the lighting to cultivate a friendly social atmosphere for game-lovers of all backgrounds and skill levels.

Between events we get together on Discord most evenings to chat and play games. Sound like fun? Join us!


Occasionally attendees leave us kind words after events. Here are some of our favourites:
What was good: Everything. What was bad: It ended and we had to go back to real life.

Chuck Noland

8/8 gr8 LAN m8


Great LAN. I wouldn’t have travelled 300 miles if I didn’t think it would be.



If you’d like to learn more you can drop us a line on Discord, Facebook, Twitter or you can email info at