Zero Ping Heroes is a Sussex-based gaming community. We’ve been throwing LAN parties since 2007, and opened our doors (and servers) to the public in 2013. We’re the largest and longest-running public LAN community in Sussex – and we’d love for you to join us.

Wikipedia describes a LAN party as:

a temporary, sometimes spontaneous, gathering of people with computers or game consoles, between which they establish a local area network (LAN), primarily for the purpose of playing multiplayer video games.

We believe that an exceptional LAN is much more than just a room full of gamers and their machines. Our LANs are a celebration of multiplayer games and shared game experiences; we curate the games, the tournaments, the music and even the lighting to cultivate a friendly social atmosphere for game-lovers of all backgrounds and skill levels.

Between events we get together on Discord most evenings to chat and play games. Sound like fun? Join us!