LAN 11 Tickets now on sale!

30 Gamers, 32 Hours.

Social gaming at its best.

That’s right, Zero Ping Heroes LAN 11 is officially on its way – and it’s gonna be a good one!

 After a sold-out LAN 10 we had some amazing feedback, and we’re working harder than ever to bring you even more games and goodies for October. As always, we’ll be putting you in control over the weekend, making sure you get to play the games you want to play and with a playlist chosen by all attendees – creating the perfect atmosphere for 32 hours of solid fragging.

As well as free-for-alls throughout the LAN, we’ll also be running the projector again for some big-screen games. Add to this game servers running top titles like Natural Selection 2 and Company of Heroes as well as favourites such as Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, you’re guaranteed a wide selection of games from the minute you get here.

We’ll be at St. Mary’s Social Centre again, so if you do feel the need for a break, a nice drink and a game of pool will be waiting for you in the St Mary’s Supporters Club Bar.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a ZPH LAN without the standards you’ve come to expect from us. You’ll enjoy 60mbps down, 20mbps up internet throughout the event; access to the LANager, which allows you to choose videos for playing on the big screen,carefully optimised lighting and cooling; a tuck shop packed full of sweets, snacks and energy drinks, and – as always – a nice big pizza order on Saturday night. Most importantly, you’ll enjoy two days of social gaming surrounded by new friends and teammates.

Book your ticket now for one seriously epic weekend.


LAN 10! Bigger Venue! Private Bar!

It’s taken a while, but we’ve finally secured a worthy venue for Zero Ping Heroes LAN 10! Woohoo!

St Mary’s Social Centre is located in the west side of Lewes. Awkward rap references aside, it’s a 19-minute car ride from Brighton, or a 4-minute taxi ride from Lewes train station. Check out the inside of the hall here.

The hall is joined with the St Mary’s Supporter’s Club Bar, who have welcomed us to pop in for drinks and pool. Being a private club bar rather than a public… pub…, they have some of the cheapest drinks in Lewes, not to mention the longest bar in town!

As with our past events we’re being brave and allowing anyone to submit YouTube videos and music to the collaborative video playlist. We’ll also be using our projector for playing splitscreen games on our 12-foot screen.

Aside from all these great added extras, we’re still dedicated to the core of what we believe makes LAN parties great – social PC gaming with a great atmosphere, made by you.

Sound like fun? Get your tickets here!

Not sure yet? Check out our videos and photos from past events.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or suggestions – we’d love to hear from you!

LAN #7 Feedback

First of all, thanks to everyone who attended our first public event – we’re super pleased that it went without a hitch! We’d love to hear what you thought about about it all, and if you think we could do anything better or have any cool ideas for future events.

Click here to go to the feedback forum thread in our Steam group.

A few random things we’re looking at improving for the next event:

  • Custom system which shows who has posted and voted on songs/videos
  • More game servers e.g. Natural Selection 2 (further suggestions welcome!)
  • Snacks & drinks pre-ordering along with tickets
  • Rewards for participating in games (don’t worry, no scary competitive tournaments!)

And don’t forget, between LANs we’re on our Mumble server most evenings playing games too!

Happy fragging